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Congratulations to all chess lovers, professional and non-professional chess players on the International Chess Day!

This holiday was initiated by UNESCO in 1966 to commemorate the date of FIDE establishment on the 20th of July 1924 in Paris. Today FIDE includes 188 national chess federations, organizes numerous events all around the World, including World Championship Cycle and World Chess Olympiad. Millions of people of all ages love our sport and play chess regularly.

FIDE believes that all nations should be included in the international chess community. Our aim is to achieve significant growth in the number of people of all ages participating in chess events at all levels and to develop chess by increasing the level of tournament participation globally.

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Open letters of Mr. Dvorkovich and Mr. Makropoulos

FIDE has been informed of an announcement by presidential candidate Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich on 14 July concerning a supposed complaint of his to the FIDE Electoral Integrity Committee.

We have to clarify that FIDE never received any such letter neither from Mr. Dvorkovich nor from any representative of his.

Today FIDE was also informed of Mr. Georgios Makropoulos' reply to the public letter of Mr. Dvorkovich.

FIDE is publishing today both letters. Procedures by the FIDE Electoral Integrity Committee will start as soon as a complaint is delivered to FIDE officially and signed by the person filing it.

Letter of Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich

Reply of Mr. Georgios Makropoulos


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Federations cannot be excluded from elections due to debts

FIDE has received a letter from the President of Russian Chess Federation and FIDE Vice President, Andrey Filatov, who steps into the false assumption that each federation debt "must be covered before July 23 - or the respective federation won't be allowed to participate in FIDE Olympiad and FIDE President elections in Batumi".

FIDE Treasurer, Prof. Dr. Adrian Siegel explains in his answer that no federation can be excluded from the General Assembly and the election due to debts towards FIDE. Moreover he states addressed to RCF that "such an intention is against our Statutes and Regulations and I would personally fight against such a request".

Letter from Russian Chess Federation 18-07-2018

Letter from FIDE Treasurer to RCF July 18 2018


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FIDE is pleased to announce the travel subsidy for participants for the Chess Olympiad & Congress, Batumi, Georgia 2018. All federations will receive more travel subsidy in 2018 than they did for Baku in 2016. Many teams that did not receive a team grant in 2016 will do in 2018. They are Nigeria, South Africa, Bhutan, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, Thailand, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine & Wales. In addition the ECU will be paid 30,000 euros to assist federations that are not receiving any travel subsidy.

All attending delegates will receive a travel grant. FIDE wants delegates to be present at the General Assembly and reduce the number of proxies from federations.

The team subsidy is based on two teams of 5 players for the Open & Women’s event, plus team captain for each team and a head of delegation. This is a total of 13 persons. The subsidy will be reduced pro rata for every federation that does not have 13 accredited persons present. Above these 13 persons, the travel grant will be paid for a federation’s delegate without exception.

Any person amongst the thirteen accredited persons that is receiving a travel grant as an arbiter or a delegate cannot also receive a subsidy as part of the team and the team subsidy will be reduced pro rata.

Teams that have a captain assigned to them by the Trainers Commission also may not claim an extra travel subsidy for these captains covered by the Trainers Commission.

See listing

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The FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG) is pleased to announce the tenth FIDE Trainer Awards Results for 2017.

FIDE Trainer Awards 2017 - RESULTS

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At the 2nd quarter Presidential Board Meeting in Bucharest, Romania, it was decided to recommend to the General Assembly in Batumi, Georgia, that the 2022 Chess Olympiad be held in Minsk, Belarus. Three bids were submitted but Minsk, Belarus was the only valid bid received. The original bidding invitation was for 2022 and 2024 Olympiads and the Board agreed that the other two bidders, Seoul, South Korea and Tunis, Tunisia, should be permitted to submit a valid bid for 2024, if they wished, with a deadline of September 15th. Reports from the various Commissions were considered and the Board approved all title recommendations. The Board was updated on the 2018 World Championship match preparations to be held in London and advised that the opening ceremony would take place on November 8th.

Preparations were well advanced for the Olympiad to be held in Batumi, Georgia and the Organizers were looking forward to welcoming the teams, officials and Congress participants.

The Board discussed the events programme and referred competing bids to the General Assembly in Batumi. The ECU submitted information on the ongoing Bulgaria situation and it was agreed to place this on the agenda for the General Assembly in Batumi.



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The Ethics Commission unanimously decides that Mr Ilyumzhinov is guilty of the violation of the FIDE Code of Ethics. Mr Ilyumzhinov is sanctioned with a temporary exclusion from holding any position for a period of 18 months from today, of which a period of 12 months are suspended for a period of 2 years. The immediately effective suspension is one of 6 months, commencing on 13 July 2018 and ending on 12 January 2019.

See full decision

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FIDE publishes the list of titles approved by the 2018 2nd quarter PB in Bucharest, Romania on 8-11 July 2018.

GM FED Diermair, Andreas AUT Dragnev, Valentin AUT Santos Ruiz, Miguel ESP Poetsch, Hagen GER Praggnanandhaa R IND Goryachkina, Aleksandra RUS Petrov, Nikita RUS Zierk, Steven C USA     WGM FED Garcia Martin, Marta ESP Amina, Battsooj MGL Obolentseva, Alexandra RUS Gong, Qianyun SGP Yu, Jennifer USA     IM FED Parvanyan, Ashot ARM Blohberger, Felix AUT Horvath, Dominik AUT Marjanovic, Dejan BIH Dai, Changren CHN Fang, Yan CHN Martinez Ramirez, Lennis CUB Bjerre, Jonas Buhl DEN Diaz Camallonga, Carles ESP Merario Alarcon, Andres ESP Plazuelo Pascual, Juan ESP Bissieres, Matthieu FRA Crut, Aurelien FRA Tutisani, Noe GEO Bruedigam, Martin GER Pfreundt, Jakob GER Erigaisi Arjun IND Fenil, Shah IND Gukesh D IND Sadhwani, Raunak IND Saravana, Krishnan P. IND Vardan Nagpal IND Fitzsimmons, David IRL Drori, Saar ISR Veinberg, Nimrod ISR Nikolovski, Nikola MKD Bosman, Michiel NED Ondersteijn, Niels NED Warmerdam, Max NED Vlasenko, Alexey RUS Djordjevic, Vuk SRB Baenziger, Fabian SUI Lokander, Martin SWE Larson, Matthew W USA Rozman, Levy USA Santarius, Erik F USA Schmakel, Sam USA Khoroshev, Nikita UZB     WIM FED Divya, Deshmukh IND Varshini, V. IND Martynyuk, Elizaveta RUS Shmidt, Elena RUS Travkina, Anastasia RUS Feng, Maggie USA Yip, Carissa USA     IA FED Martis, Valentino ARU Gil Quilez, Sonia ESP Martinez Fernandez, Silverio J. ESP Redondo Arquelles, Graciela ESP Hakala, Mika FIN Khantadze, Maqvala GEO Ostermeier, Christian GER Ruetten, Michael GER Anil Kumar, Raizada IND Rao, PN IND Arnetta, Benedetto Piero ITA Bartolini, Leonardo ITA Biagioli, Marco ITA Hiebert, Yumiko JPN Prajapati, Niranjan NEP Al Wadhahi, Musallam OMA Ozel, Bilge Ibrahim TUR Kormick, Korey J. USA Oen, Grant USA Levi, Yoel ISR     FA FED Gasimov, Rahim AZE Jimenez Artaviam, Rebeca CRC Lausman, Petr CZE Mazuch, Jan CZE Haase, Carsten GER Riess, Bernhard GER Sterley, Andre GER Suprihyanto, Bambang INA Utami, Retno INA Yasin, Muh Ali INA Arun, Sing M. IND Biju, Singh Th IND Chitaranjan, Taorem IND Chockalingam, Balaji U IND Haque, Minhajul IND Karpagavalli, T. IND Kullkarni, Juily IND Nanda Jyoti, Shankar IND Narapuram Vr., Sreehari IND Sandeep, T. IND Santhi, M IND Sawant, Akshay IND Sivaranjani, S. IND Smitha,   Selvi IND Uma Maheswaran, P. IND Valliammai, Saravanan IND Delshad, Ismail Ibrahim IRQ Suad Abdulameer, Salloom Alzuabidi IRQ Violante, Domenico ITA Kangaru, James Mwangi KEN Sembei, Mutua KEN Ben Yahya, Larbi MAR El Mrabat, Adil MAR Abu, Bakar Martin B.A. MAS Ahmad Rostam, Ahmad Izzuddim MAS Kamaruzaman, Norazwan MAS Mohd Said, Azhar MAS Mohd Tamil, Emran MAS Mumba, Isaac MAW Vella, Duncan MLT Skrondal, Inge Sandstad NOR Vestby, Anniken NOR Wei, Tingling NZL Ayala Huerta, Diego Andres PER Tlaib, Hani PLE Turzynska, Grazyna POL Coman, Viktor Florin ROU Minnaar, Ricardo RSA Reyneke, Anneline RSA Schoeman, Suzette RSA Khristenko, Elena RUS Monisov, Andrey RUS Ezizov, Jumamuhammet TKM Makhlouf, Hichem TUN Mheddeb, Sarra TUN Rekik, Ghazi TUN Bodnar, Nikolay UKR Rogers, Bradley USA Vaserstein, Gregory USA Vasbutdinov, Ravil UZB Hadad Serrano, Antonio VEN Meza Boiko, Luis Miguel VEN Quach, Phuong Minh VIE     IO FED Rimestad, Arild FAI Benitez Fretes, Gualberto PAR Paredes, Julio Cesar VEN     CONDITIONAL ON RATING   IM   Pogosyan, Stefan RUS     FA   Baburin, Ivan IRL     CONDITIONAL ON INFO   IA   Yang, Ning CHN Ozel, Bilge Ibrahim TUR     FA   Fritz, Rebecca AUT Deli, Kristof HUN Gurbanov, Andrei ISR

Download the LIST of FA TITLES from Seminars approved by the 2018 2nd quarter PB.

Download the LIST OF TRAINERS' TITLES approved by the 2018 2nd quarter PB.

Download the LIST of SI TITLES approved by the 2018 2nd quarter PB.

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The 2nd Quarter 2018 Presidential Board in Bucharest, Romania considered the forthcoming elections and unanimously resolved to ensure that they are fair and transparent. The Board noted:

FIDE is a Swiss registered organisation and its policy is clear in relation to bribery and other forms of corruption. The solicitation, the offer, the payment and/or the acceptance of inducements, in any form, is unacceptable and subject to sanction by the FIDE Ethics Commission and/or Swiss authorities. Offering or accepting bribes (‘bribery’) is a criminal offence, in Swiss law, and there are penalties, both civil and criminal, for those who undertake such offences.

The election process must not only be fair but be seen to be fair. To that end the PB resolved to create an Electoral Integrity Committee composed of independent persons, with appropriate experience and or legal expertise, who will investigate cases of alleged corruption and recommend action accordingly to the competent authorities. The members of the committee will be:

1. Dr. M. Hochatrrasser (Switzerland) - Chairman
2. Dr. M. Tebti (Algeria)
3. Dr. Rashid Anezi (Kuwait)
4. Mr. Enrique Celi (Uruguay)

No Federation Presidents, delegates or officials in FIDE of any national chess federation should accept any gifts, subsidy, inducements, financial or otherwise, or accept any hospitality from a Presidential or Continental electoral candidate, member, adviser or supporter of a Presidential ticket or electoral candidate. All Presidents, officials, delegates or candidates should immediately report any such offer to the Electoral Integrity Committee.

Officials include but are not limited to:

• Officers or any person with influence over the decision or voting processes of FIDE or any national chess federation/s including but not limited to Presidents or Delegates of such federations.
• Candidates for election to any FIDE or Continental positions
• Employees, administrators, managers, employed by FIDE or national chess federations

If, at any time, officials believe that there is any inappropriate behavior by a third party, they should contact the Electoral Integrity Committee and raise the matter for appropriate investigation and action.

FIDE rejects all political interference from governments in the conduct of the election including and not limited to: The lobbying of delegates by embassies or other governmental organisations. The Presidential Board notes this is also against the principles of the International Olympic Committee.

FIDE also advises that the details of the official travel subsidy for the Batumi Olympiad will be announced by Friday July 13th 2018. Any form of assistance, promises, inducements, or subsidy towards travel costs to the Olympiad by Candidates, advisors or supporters of any electoral candidates will be considered clearly as bribery.

The establishment of the Electoral Integrity Committee does not preclude any member of FIDE, FIDE official or the FIDE Presidential Board from referring any matter relating to the election directly to the FIDE Ethics Commission. A number of allegations of attempted bribery of delegates have already been brought to the attention of the Board.


Bucharest PB 2018

The 2018 2nd Quarter Presidential Board has started under the auspices of the Romanian Chess Federation in the Marshal Garden Hotel in Bucharest, Romania on 9th of July 2018.

The meeting was opened by Daniel Florea, the Mayor of Bucharest, who welcomed the PB members, wished them a pleasant stay and a fruitful meeting. He stressed that chess is very important to his country and informed about the current situation with chess in schools and other chess activities in Bucharest.

Mihai Covaliu, the President of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee emphasized that chess is one of the best sports in Romania and their aim is to organise many chess events for a wide range of age groups in the future.

Mr. Sorin Avram Iacoban, the President of Romanian Chess Federation thanked the Mayor for the help in organizing the PB meeting. He also addressed his speech to PB members: “We are very honored to have you here in Bucharest and to host such an important meeting. This FIDE event is also very important for Romania because by organising this event here, we take it as an acknowledgment of our efforts to promote chess in Romania and worldwide.” FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos thanked the Mayor and the Romanian Chess Federation for the excellent organisation of the Presidential Board Meeting and then advised the Presidential Board of what had happened since the Presidential Board in Minsk.

One of the Candidates for the position of the FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich attended the Presidential Board meeting and delivered a speech to the PB members.


IMG 0575 Bucharest PB

IMG 0607 Bucharest PB 2018

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